Modern Vintage: Mixed Media Designs

13 Jun

These are perhaps the most stunning use of vintage ephemera I’ve ever seen. Generally I find mixed media collages to be pretty cheesy and poorly executed, but these I want to hang in my loft! The use of limited color palettes, type and texture are combined perfectly to create these gorgeous works of art that marry old and new to create something you can help but stare at to find all of the little element tucked inside them.

These were made by the guy who runs one of my favorite blogs, Graphic-Exchange. The company name they were done under is D & B, and you can see additional work there. I have yet to find a way to purchase them, and apparently a lot of people are asking 🙂


One Response to “Modern Vintage: Mixed Media Designs”

  1. Harald Aamodt June 14, 2011 at 7:05 am #

    I agree this is exciting work. The good news is that they will become available for sale – through stores – already this Fall, so hang in there! They look great in large format (4’x6′ approx) and printed on textile.


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