Map games from the 1500-1700s (proof they were not kid-friendly times)

23 Jun

Do you think kids in the 1500s really got excited to play these? The word “game” could not have possibly had the same meaning to kids then as it does today. Games could not have been associated with entertainment- look at them! Speaking of which, wouldn’t these be great framed on a wall? Lame for them, pretty for me : ) Via Bibliodessey


2 Responses to “Map games from the 1500-1700s (proof they were not kid-friendly times)”

  1. Armo June 24, 2011 at 3:48 am #

    I’m French, and I don’t know why but, in France, to know the different county (?) is a sort of national sport… (boring I know…) A tradition… Children learn all the county by heart at school, adults like play to guess the county (car game : to guess which county is the 52 or the 47… funny… =_=) Maybe these games are THE explanation! kids in France played whith county in far away time…
    (And sorry for my english mispellings)

    • vintagemeohmy June 24, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

      That’s really interesting- thanks for sharing! I never would have guessed that kids would have found it entertaining..but if it’s seen as fun today, I’m sure it was doubly fun hundreds of years ago. Especially when the world wasn’t fully discovered and international travels for the average person were unheard of. I suppose I can wrap my head around it being more magical and fun. Nice comment : )

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