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Modern Vintage: Jon Contino

23 Jun

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Modern Vintage: Triple Threat Timba

22 Jun

Timba Smits is an awesome triple threat. He’s a designer/illustrator/typographer with a knack for picking up pretty much any vintage style a project calls for. This is just a sampling of his skills. Gah! So talented.

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Modern Vintage: Soccer Posters

21 Jun

Zoran Lucic created a pretty big collection of vintage styled posters on soccer legends, spanning from current stars to way back in the day. It’s a pretty good mix of styles, and all have a nice minimal, “just enough” feel to them.

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Modern Vintage: Raise No Chicken

17 Jun

When I stumbled across Kirk’s work, I immediately started in with the “oooo” and began putting a post together. He has some really great projects that utilize different sorts of vintage styles. I hate when I come across someone’s project, get excited, go to their site to see everything else, and it’s all just the same style over and over. It’s refreshing to see someone that just “gets” vintage and can incorporate multiple styles into their portfolio based on what’s appropriate for the project. You’d be surprised- it’s a rarer talent than you’d think.

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Parisian Map Reprint for $1

16 Jun

Yep. $1 USD. I was just as stunned as you. It’s such a cool map too! It’s on a sturdy paper (50g) so it would withstand any wrapping or re-purposing you may have in mind. I think it’s a great splash of color for the wall, but for a buck, I’ll wrap all of my gifts for the next year in it!

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Modern Book Cover with Vintage Parts

14 Jun
From Record

Grady McFerrin: Lettering and Illustration

14 Jun

I love a good vintage-esque design that’s lovingly detailed, and it’s even better when it’s rendered by hand like in the olden days! His simplistic Mr.Fox work is as well done and intriguing as his flashy, more intricate lettering in the “Nebiollo” project. Via Grady McFerrin’s portfolio site.

Modern Vintage: Mixed Media Designs

13 Jun

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Justin Van Genderen’s vintage style posters

13 Jun

I found these to be stunning. The classy vintage look applied to modern-day comics is just brilliant and beautiful. All work by Justin Van Genderen.