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Vintage Pencil Cases

27 Jun


I love the pops of bright neon colors on the British Graphite pack. Even the ad on the inside is cool! These almost make me want to buy pencils again. Almost. Continue reading


Vintage Fruit Crate Labels

23 Jun

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Belgium match boxes, 1920s

22 Jun

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Modern Vintage: Triple Threat Timba

22 Jun

Timba Smits is an awesome triple threat. He’s a designer/illustrator/typographer with a knack for picking up pretty much any vintage style a project calls for. This is just a sampling of his skills. Gah! So talented.

Have a look inside the post for more of Timba’s work! Continue reading

Birthday Goodies!

21 Jun

Today’s my birthday! (yay) So I decided to look at old stuff to feel younger..

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Gin Pills and Whiskey Toothpaste!

17 Jun

Yep. They’re exactly what you’re thinking. pill form! They were used to treat ailments with kidneys, but also bladders and bed wetting (scout’s honor it says that on the packaging). I wonder if this was released during the time when giving alcohol to quiet crying babies was considered good parenting..

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Modern Vintage: Raise No Chicken

17 Jun

When I stumbled across Kirk’s work, I immediately started in with the “oooo” and began putting a post together. He has some really great projects that utilize different sorts of vintage styles. I hate when I come across someone’s project, get excited, go to their site to see everything else, and it’s all just the same style over and over. It’s refreshing to see someone that just “gets” vintage and can incorporate multiple styles into their portfolio based on what’s appropriate for the project. You’d be surprised- it’s a rarer talent than you’d think.

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