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Vintage Monogram

31 Jan

The monogram on this vintage photo back is stunning. Each letter has it’s own pattern and details, yet they all feel married to one another and are perfectly interwoven. Monograms are so simplified nowadays. After seeing this, I’ll never be satisfied with a monogram again. Sigh.
Via Designspiration.


Hey You RSS Readers- Update yo’ Links!

8 Jul

I recently switched over to a “real” WordPress site to make things more awesome, and a kind reader e-mailed me informing me that the blog died in RSS world. Devestated, I dug up the old .com site to come rescue all of you! You’ve been missing so many posts! How are you handling it?

Please change your feed link to:

Downloads Now Available!

24 Jun

PUBLIC DOMAIN IMAGES: All images on the downloads page can be used guilt-free, however you like. Images I find in public archives will always be 100% free to use. I’m currently in the process of scanning in my collection of print ephemera, which will be available soon as high resolution downloads for 99 cents. These will be 300dpi, so you can easily print them out, frame them, make art with them, or whatever else you can concoct. If you find these useful, please help me get the word out and share some link love!

Interview with The Flea Man

24 Jun

When I go to a flea market, for some reason I always start to get anxious. I have my guard up, expecting people to try to rip me off and requiring that I try to bargain with them. I also feel incredibly stressed, looking out at what seems to be a never-ending stretch of booths that I’m going to have to dig through to find some treasure before I can leave with it being a success. Needless to say, “bittersweet” is the best description of my relationship with flea markets. But that was until I met TV’s next big personality. And “personality” is a loaded term with him. He’s a grateful dead loving, thrift store wearing, optimism inducing, true master of flea markets, and they call him The Flea Man.

His take on Flea Markets is that they’re like a vacation. You hang out outside, eat good food, get a beer, listen to music, and peruse the booths on a casual treasure hunt filled with all sorts of adventures and history. I was pretty confused, as what he described was a magical place, and there was even a mention of cupcakes in there. By the end of it all, I was squirming to get to a flea market and relax. Continue reading

Watch Paper Inserts, 1700-1900s

22 Jun

I had never heard of these until now. Their use is best summed up by an article from 1948:
“Watchpapers were discs that were used by Georgian and Victorian watchmakers, they were used to prevent dust from entering through the keyhole and were put between the watch and the outer case.” Of course they slowly involved into a valuable ad space. Hop inside the post to read more about the history of these and how they were used. It’s actually pretty interesting.

More images and history inside the post! Continue reading