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Vintage Pencil Cases

27 Jun


I love the pops of bright neon colors on the British Graphite pack. Even the ad on the inside is cool! These almost make me want to buy pencils again. Almost. Continue reading

Seed Catalogs, Late 1800s

21 Jun

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Album De Lettres, France 1882

20 Jun

These gorgeous pages are all from the French book, Album du peintre en batiment, published in 1882. Needless to say,  I went crazy like a cat in a pile of catnip.

More alphabets inside the post! Continue reading

Typography in Headlines, Late 1800s

16 Jun

So instead of posting a mile of images, I decided to just capture the sweet spots in each of the images and highlight the amazing attention to detail in the hand rendered typography.

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Fire Insurance Map Typography, Pt.3

15 Jun

What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on one of these old booklets! I really want to know what they looked like on the inside. I’m also curious as to who they hired to design these. Was this a common skill? It seems like people back in the 1800s and early 1900s were just born with a natural inclination for beautiful handwriting and the ability to create jaw-dropping typography. I wonder who amongst us still has those inclinations and their ancestor’s skills are just laying dormant in their little minds. So sad. I wonder what these artists would create if they were alive today? I have strange daydreams, I know..but honestly, aren’t you the teensiest bit interested too?

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Seed Catalogs, Late 1800s

14 Jun

I am especially in love with the first image- the faded colors and illustration are stunning. The last image is a really nice way to showcase multiple images and make them feel unified, filling the space nicely. There’s something about vintage woodcut illustrations that are just so elegant feeling. Definitely good inspiration for luxury food packaging! Image sources are inside the post. Continue reading

Grady McFerrin: Lettering and Illustration

14 Jun

I love a good vintage-esque design that’s lovingly detailed, and it’s even better when it’s rendered by hand like in the olden days! His simplistic Mr.Fox work is as well done and intriguing as his flashy, more intricate lettering in the “Nebiollo” project. Via Grady McFerrin’s portfolio site.