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Vintage Pencil Cases

27 Jun


I love the pops of bright neon colors on the British Graphite pack. Even the ad on the inside is cool! These almost make me want to buy pencils again. Almost. Continue reading

Trade Cards (old school business cards)

27 Jun

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German Ads, Early 1900s

24 Jun

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Ads, Late 1800s and Early 1900s

23 Jun

The pen & pencil ad’s date is unknown, but it’s thought to be from the late 1800s. I grabbed this particular ad because of the great ‘W’ on it that interacts with the product. The angled pens and text and the ‘W’ ever so slightly breaking outside of the space make it pretty dynamic for the 1800s. The piano ad bookmark (ca. 1905) is just another example of how even the seemingly lousy little cheap-o ads back in the day were just ridiculously exquisite. I seriously want to know how this passion and pride died out over the years.

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Vintage Children’s Books, 1860 to Early 1900s

23 Jun

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Belgium match boxes, 1920s

22 Jun

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Vintage Calligraphy Instruction Book

22 Jun

These delicious pen strokes are from an old calligraphy instruction book. I’m determined to find out more about how everyone used to be a master of the pen back in the day. Sadly, I’m not sure of the date for this. Early 1900s perhaps?

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Birthday Goodies!

21 Jun

Today’s my birthday! (yay) So I decided to look at old stuff to feel younger..

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Zoo Booklet with 3D Images, Paris

21 Jun

I love the simplicity of this booklet cover and the use of the title’s letterforms to define the space for the illustration. I couldn’t find a date for this, so if you know or have a pretty good guess, leave a comment!

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Spanish Railways Timetable Guide, 1929

20 Jun

This was the cover of a booklet which, by deductive reasoning, housed the arrival and departure times of the trains at this particular railway station. I was extremely surprised to find that there are actually ads on the cover. The type and colors are all so similar (creating a nice unified aesthetic overall) that any business today would have a heart attack if their ad wasn’t visually fighting with everything else on the page. Gone are the days.. Continue reading