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Download: Italian Photo Back, 1890s

27 Jun

Here is another great photo back made for the studio Fratelli D’Alessandri in the 1890s. This particular design was taken from the back of a portrait of the crown prince, Victor Emmanuel III of Savoy, who would later become the king of Italy.

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German Ads, Early 1900s

24 Jun

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Zoo Booklet with 3D Images, Paris

21 Jun

I love the simplicity of this booklet cover and the use of the title’s letterforms to define the space for the illustration. I couldn’t find a date for this, so if you know or have a pretty good guess, leave a comment!

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Swan Lake Rehearsal, Paris 1930 by Alfred Eisenstaedt

20 Jun

These made my heart leap a little- ballerinas rehearsing for their performance of Swan Lake at the Grand Opera de Paris in 1930. The photos are by one of my favorite photographers, Alfred Eisenstaedt- who I was unbelievably close to meeting in Paris. I was at his friend’s gallery, which is the little whole in the wall booth amongst hundreds of dealers at the Paris Flea Market. He went there just about every single day around the same time. So, naturally, I get there, eyes prepped for tears of amazement from being in his presence and what do I find? A big old jolly man who slaps me on the back and shows me a photo of them together, saying he couldn’t make it that day. Unfortunately that was my last day in the city so I missed my only chance to meet the master. But I can still drool over his work!

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Typefaces from Europe 1948

16 Jun

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1862 Parisian Handwritten Letter

15 Jun

Where is a script font like this!? I just bought this gem from a dealer in France. The little swirls sprinkled throughout and perfectly angled, spaced, and uniform weight is just remarkable. I intend to copy this letter over and over until I’ve learned to replicate this style of writing. The uppercase letters make me all giddy- look at the G, and L…and E and D! I’m toying with the idea of a downloads page where I’ll scan in all of my paper goods and have them available for download to use in any of your projects. What do you think? Useful?

Vintage Signage Spotted in Ireland

15 Jun

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Architecture of a Letter, Paris 1948

15 Jun

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