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Download: Italian Photo Back, 1890s

27 Jun

Here is another great photo back made for the studio Fratelli D’Alessandri in the 1890s. This particular design was taken from the back of a portrait of the crown prince, Victor Emmanuel III of Savoy, who would later become the king of Italy.

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Printer Ads, Late 1800s

16 Jun

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Typography in Headlines, Late 1800s

16 Jun

So instead of posting a mile of images, I decided to just capture the sweet spots in each of the images and highlight the amazing attention to detail in the hand rendered typography.

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Fire Insurance Map Typography, Pt.3

15 Jun

What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on one of these old booklets! I really want to know what they looked like on the inside. I’m also curious as to who they hired to design these. Was this a common skill? It seems like people back in the 1800s and early 1900s were just born with a natural inclination for beautiful handwriting and the ability to create jaw-dropping typography. I wonder who amongst us still has those inclinations and their ancestor’s skills are just laying dormant in their little minds. So sad. I wonder what these artists would create if they were alive today? I have strange daydreams, I know..but honestly, aren’t you the teensiest bit interested too?

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3D Vintage Typography, Late 1800s

13 Jun

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